Forklifts are very useful machines, without which warehouses would not be able to operate efficiently. The forklifts are generally used for moving large volumes or heavy goods and supplies from one place to another quickly and with less effort.
One significant advantage of the forklifts is that they are capable to reach things located on high locations allowing use of taller racking and storage.
The forklifts are small but compact machines, designed to work in tight and narrow areas, they are highly maneuverable and capable to lift different loads ranging from 1T to well over 20T depending on the truck.
The best thing is that you can choose a forklift with the right configuration and capacity for the needs of your business.

Ease Of Maintenance – When buying a new forklift you will want to ensure simple operation and maintenance, let our experts help you find a forklift to suit you.
Proper and regular maintenance is essential for ensuring a long service life, and it is very important for keeping the machine in a good working condition. Gardner Technical Services can provide a full maintenance and servicing plan to suit your companies needs.

Increased Safety –  Safety of the operators and all other workers is always the first concern when using forklifts.
Gardner Technical Services can ensure forklift operators are trained in our dedicated forklift training centre.

At the Gardner Technical Services training centre, you will recieve expert RTITB accredited training and certification for a forklift operations. Gardner Technical Services has  over 30 years experience and offers a full forklift course at affordable price.